• Hoop dance

    “WORMHOLE” is anything but a conventional hula hoop act. The emphasis of this act is on the passionate presentation of body movement spinning in synchronicity with the hula hoop. Heavily influenced by contemporary dance, “WORMHOLE” explores the possibilities of time travel through the eyes of a mystical creature. Join me on a journey into an occult and mysterious world.

    Suitabal for: gala shows, varietés, corporate events, Halloween shows, indoor events
    Duration: 5 min
    Performers: 1
    Stage size: ca.4m x 5m


  • Multihoop

    With this unique hoop show I will take you on a journey of ever-changing images and unexpected impressions. “FICTION” is an energetic show act with four spinning hula hoops, enhanced by a pulsing electronic music backing. This technically challenging performance embodies a certain heroic and ready-to- fight spirit. You and your audience will be mesmerised by the seemingly endless and dynamic movements, executed precisely at high pace.

    Suitable for: gala shows, varietés, corporate events, indoor events
    Duration: 7 min
    Performer: 1
    Stage size: ca. 5m x 5m


  • LED hoops

    “RADIANT RINGS” is an energetic and technically challenging hoop act that unites elaborate dance with state-of-the-art LED technology. Four twisting and rotating LED hula hoops create a vivid atmosphere of vibrant mandalas and compelling lights. The slick choreography and programmed LED lights are precisely synchronised with the music to create an extraordinary experience.

    Suitable for: gala shows, varietés, corporate events, indoor events
    Duration: 6 min (Do you need a longer show? Book this act as part of my solo glow show).
    Performers: 1
    Logos: Why not have your logo, branding or message appear in the show, by booking this hoop act together with our Pixel-Poi® glow show, Kaleidoscope.
    Stage size ca. 6m x 5m


  • Fire hoops

    My fire hoop act “LAVA RINGS” unites graceful movement with blazing heat to create an atmosphere of beauty and astonishment.

    Watching the flames of the first fire hoop and listening to the atmospheric music the audience are instantly drawn into a mystical world. Through the ignition of the second fire ring the energy level intensifies and the mood of the performance switches into an upbeat and funky crescendo.

    Suitable for: outdoor events, gala shows, varietés, corporate events
    Duration: 4 min
    Performers: 1
    Stage size: ca. 4m x 5m


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